A Picture Perfect Setting For
Cyber Security Development.

North Carolina has the Research Triangle. In California it’s Silicon Valley.

And Redmond rules Washington.

Now Alabama offers a regional vision for Cyber Security.

North Alabama offers a unique advantage for a national Cyber Security initiative. An optimal combination of established resources includes Defense, Intelligence, Business, Engineering, R&D, Energy/Telecomm and Education. Add the superb quality of life and natural beauty, and North Alabama is poised to become the nation’s Cyber Security Solution.

While metro Huntsville is developing critical mass for cyber-related infrastructure and leadership, many government and private projects have a need to be located close-but-not-too-close to larger installations. Whether it’s for R&D, program management or even a data center, the coalition communities provide a variety of options.

Cyber Symbiotics is a coalition of communities in North Alabama, united in a regional partnership for Cyber Security development projects.

The Cyber Symbiotics Regional Partnership includes the cities of Arab, Guntersville and Scottsboro, as well as Jackson and Marshall Counties. These cities and counties are already closely linked to Huntsville-Madison County initiatives, with a strong partnership going back to the very successful BRAC process. In addition, many residents of these communities presently work in the Huntsville area, while many Huntsville residents have close ties to the nearby mountain-lake communities. Symbiosis aptly describes both the existing relationships and the new opportunities for cyber security development.

As your organization explores ways to leverage the burgeoning cyber security opportunities in this region, we hope you will consider the benefits of a short, scenic drive to the perfect location.

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